Can You Use Dexos Oil in Any Car?: Things You Must Know

Selecting the right oil is essential for your engine to run at its peak efficiency. Dexos oil oil is a well-known name in engine oil. It is engine oils that meet the latest standards for GM engine efficiency and emission levels.

Dexos oil was specifically made for GM engine. Can Dexos oil be used in other cars? Dexos oil works with non-GM engine models. The specifications of the Dexos oil must be compatible with your engine. Continue reading for more information about “Can you use Dexos oil on any vehicle?.”

What’s the difference between Dexos oil and regular oil?

Dexos is the name for the engine oil used by GM engines. Dexos oil additives have been selected with GM engines safety and efficiency in mind. General Motors claims Dexos oil offers some advantages over its competitors, which General Motors says makes it an engine oil that is better than the rest.

Let’s look at Dexos in comparison to other engine oils.

1) Performance

General Motors claims that their engine oil runs more smoothly and produces less harmful emissions. GM also tested its engine oil in a variety of conditions to make sure it works well. Dexos engine oil is more superior than conventional and synthetic oils due to this testing.

2) Cost

Dexos engine oils are more expensive than other brands. Dexos oil prices rise due to the additives and testing that GM has done. When we compare prices, Dexos 1 engine oil for gas engines costs $5–7 per quart, which is $1–2 more expensive than other engine oil brands.

3. Usage

Dexos oil was specifically made for GM engine. Other regular oils can be used for many engines. Dexos 1 engine oils are for gasoline engines while Dexos2 engine oils are for diesel engines.

Non-GM engines can use Dexos oil, but vice versa. GM claims that engine oils other than Dexos can cause engine failure and increase emissions. They claim that oil from other brands must be changed more often if they are used in GM engines.

Is it possible to use Dexos oil on any vehicle?

Yes, Dexos oil is safe to use in cars made after 2011. Dexos oil meets all current emissions and efficiency standards. Dexos oil can also be used in non-GM engines because it is API and ILSAC certified. You can use it in older GM engines that were built before Dexos was a standard for GM.

But, it is important to understand whether the Dexos oils are suitable for your engine. This can be done by looking at your owner’s manual, and comparing it with the specifications and additives of Dexos oil. Dexos can be used in your car if the specifications match. Before applying Dexos oil to your car, ensure that you have checked the viscosity as well as the type of engine oil (diesel, gasoline).

Can regular oil be substituted for Dexos

Dexos oil is a complete engine maintenance solution. This oil will prevent your engine from overheating and other issues like sludge buildup, wear, and tear, as well as preventing it from causing damage. It is expensive so you might be wondering if there are other engine oils that you could use.

Non-GM vehicles can be used if the engine oil meets current standards. Dexos is the best oil to use in GM engines. Because other engine oils may not be suited for GM engines, they aren’t designed to perform as well. A different oil brand can cause long-term damage and poor lubrication.


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Dexos oil can be used in any vehicle, even though it is manufactured by GM. You should ensure that your vehicle’s requirements and specifications are met by Dexos. This oil meets the latest standards and protects your engine from sludge and overheating. Dexos oil makes a great choice if you are looking for reliable and high-quality oil.

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