How To Remove Oil Filter Without Tool?

Oil filters are essential to keep engine oil free from dirt and other debris. Oil filters get clogged with time so it is important to change them during an oil change.

Are you trying to? change your oil filter You don’t have an oil filter wrench, or any other specialized tools. You don’t need a tool to remove an oil filter. We will demonstrate how to do it in this article. How to get rid of an oil filter You don’t need a toolYou can complete the job efficiently even if you are in a hurry or don’t own the right equipment.

Is it possible to unscrew an oil filter by using your hands?

The Cartridge filter can be easily taken out by hand. However, the spin-on filters might require a wrench. Turn the Cartridge oil filter counterclockwise to remove it. You will need to use your dominant hand. 

How to remove an oil filter by hand

  1. To make it easier for the oil filter to be rotated, apply a penetrating oils such as WD-40.
  2. Rubber gloves or sandpaper can be used to grip the oil filter better.

You can easily remove the oil filter if it was not previously hand tightened. If you do not have enough oil, the filter will be able to be removed. tighten the oil filter The last time you did not properly lubricate it, filter may become stuck.

For the extra torque needed to remove the oil filter, you will need a tool.

How to remove the oil filter from your car without using a tool

An oil filter wrench is not necessary if the filter needs to be removed.

Method 1: Using a belt buckle

The belt strap can be used as a tool to remove the oil filter. When using the belt to remove an oil filter, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. For high pressure applications, you should choose a belt with less elasticity.
  2. You can improve grip by choosing a belt with rough interior. To prevent the belt from sliding, sandpaper can be placed between the oil filter and the belt.
  3. Reversible belts, and belts with adjustable buckles, should be avoided. They are not able to withstand high pressure.


  1. To prevent oil filter slippage, thoroughly clean it.
  2. Attach the belt strap to the end of your oil filter.
  3. You can leave the end loose through the buckle and not fasten it.
  4. Turn the buckle to the left and pull the loose end under the buckle.
  5. Gently pull the loose end gently in a counterclockwise fashion.
  6. Once the oil filter is removed, you can remove it by hand.

Method 2 – Use a screwdriver 

Every home has a hammer and screwdriver. A screwdriver should not be used as a last resort, as it can cause the gaskets to crack. 


  1. With a hammer, push a screwdriver down the side of an oil filter case.
  2. You can get to the end of the thread by moving around.
  3. Make sure the screwdriver is properly inserted.
  4. You can use it to turn the jammed oil filter counterclockwise.
  5. After it has been loosen, take out the oil filter with your hands.

How do I make an oil filter wrench from scratch?

You can use a socket tool and socket extension to make an oil filter. For this, you will need a bandana.


  1. To make a strap, fold the bandana in half.
  2. To make a circle, tie the ends of the bandana.
  3. To form a loop, cross the right end of the bandana over the left.
  4. You can create a slack if you tuck the right end beneath the loop.
  5. You can tighten the socket extension by sliding it through the knot’s slack.
  6. Then wrap the bandana around your oil filter. Continue to twist the socket extension till it is tight.
  7. Attach the extension to a socket wrench, and try to remove the oil filter.


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The oil filter should be changed every other month. It is possible to remove the oil filter by hand if it was tightened previously. If you have used a tool before, you will need it again to get the higher torque. 

You can also remove the oil filter using a bandana or belt strap if you don’t own an oil filter wrench. A screwdriver is your last option if you aren’t afraid of damaging the oil filter. A mechanic can also remove the oil filter by using the correct tools.  

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