Why is Porsche Oil Change so Expensive? 

Porsche is a well-known brand for making high-performance sports cars, luxury SUVs and sedans. Porsche is a high-end brand. This means that Porsche car maintenance can also be very expensive. This brand is known for expensive oil changes. 

The premium brand name isn’t the only factor that contributes to high oil change costs in Porsche cars. Let’s take a look at some other factors that contribute to high oil change costs in Porsche cars. 

How Much Does Porsche Oil Change Cost? 

Unlike mini cooper oil changesOil changes for Porche can be very expensive. A Porsche dealership will charge you $300 to $400 for an oil change. This pricing is based off the average cost for an oil change at Porsche dealers. 

The cost of an oil change varies depending upon the model of your car. For example, a Porsche 911 oil change costs between $517 to $534 and a Porsche Cayenne oil service costs between $258 and $280. 

The condition of your vehicle will determine the cost of your oil change, as well as the amount of parts that must be replaced. The dealership will tell you the cost of your oil change. 

Why Is Porsche Oil Change So Expensive? 

Porsche charges an additional fee to provide premium services. The big manufacturers believe that you should be financially able to afford the maintenance fees if you own a premium car. 

Porsche dealerships might charge $100-$150 more for oil changes than your local dealer. Porsche dealership labor costs can range from $170- $220 an hour, which could be $50-$70 more than independent mechanics. 

Let’s take a look below at some reasons why Porsche oil change are so costly. 

Synthetic oil 

Porsche cars are high-performance vehicles that use synthetic oil. Synthetic oils are typically two- to three times as expensive as regular oils. The oil costs of oil changes are also higher because they use synthetic oil that is high quality. 

Services that are reliable and of premium quality 

Porsche oil changes tend to be more challenging than those of other vehicles. Because every component in your Porsche is designed for maximum performance, it is more difficult to change oil. Porsche specialists will perform a better oil change than your average mechanic. There is no risk of any damage. 

Porsche conducts a thorough 27-point inspection of your engine before you do an oil change. This adds to the cost of your oil change and makes it more expensive. 

High taxes 

As we all know, higher prices equals higher taxes. Porsche’s oil change fees are not the only reason why it charges so much. The government also levies taxes and fees on luxury brands. 

The tax you pay for your Porsche car’s oil change is determined by the country and state where you live. However it is quite common to see a 10-15% oil change tax (includes labor cost). For texas: reference link To help you out. Google can help you find it for any state.  

How to save money on Porsche oil changes 

These are alternatives if Porsche doesn’t offer premium oil changes. 

  • For oil replacement in your Porsche, you could visit a nearby certified dealer. Make sure to check to make sure the dealership has not changed the oil on other Porsche vehicles. 
  • You can also replace the oil yourself. You will save money by not having to hire labor. The process of changing Porsche oil isn’t as difficult as it seems. Continue reading to learn how you can change Porsche oil at your home. 

How do you change the oil in your Porsche at home? 

To change the engine oil at your home, you may need to have certain supplies. Synthetic oil (4-6 quarts) can cost between $36-60 per quart. However, a new oil filter and seal rings and other accessories could cost between $25-$455. 

Tools needed

  • Kit of mechanical tools
  • O-rings and oil filter 
  • Torque Wrench, Funnel 
  • Vehicles ramp


  1. To improve clearance, raise your vehicle using vehicle ramps
  2. The underbody panels should be removed. 
  3. Let the oil run by removing the plug from the drain. 
  4. Replace the oil filter while you wait. Once the oil is drained, you can reinstall the drain plug with a new O seal ring. 
  5. Apply new oil to your engine. Lower the vehicle and install the underbody panels. 

Even if you’re not familiar with the subject, we recommend consulting experts. You could face serious consequences if you make a mistake. white smokeBad mileage, and many other factors. Make sure you are familiar with what you are doing.

FAQ’s on Expensive Porche Oil Changes

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It is recommended that Porsche owners replace their oil only at Porsche stores. These luxury vehicles require extra care because they are made differently.  

You can save money by hiring a local mechanic to do the oil change, or ask for advice from a mechanic. 

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