Can You Mix Gear Oil With Engine Oil?

Different fluids serve different purposes in your vehicle. You can mix and match some fluids from the many available, but not all. Many people wonder if they can mix two oils to use them for one part of their vehicle. 

Many people have doubts about whether they can mix engine oil with gear oil. This article will attempt to clarify this question. Let’s take another look.

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Can you mix gear oil with engine oil?

It is safer to mix fluids than to mix them. We must also examine the chemical compositions of gear oil. engine oil Before you decide whether you can mix.

Chemical composition and use: Gear oil

There are two main components to gear oil: the base oil, and the additive. It is thicker than engine oil and has a higher viscosity. Gear oil is used to lubricate the gears and facilitate smooth changing. It helps prevent rust and cools the gearbox.

Chemical composition and use: Engine oil

Engine oil is composed of large quantities of base oil and small amounts other additives like detergent, viscosity adds and other components. Engine oil has a lower viscosity than oil and ensures the engine runs smoothly. 

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Now that you have viewed the composition, let us see how you can combine them.

Is it okay to mix gear oil with engine oil?

It is not a good idea to mix engine oil and gear oil. Engine oil is viscouser than gear oil. If you mix them, your oil viscosity will change. You can damage your vehicle by using the oil from either the engine oil pump or gearbox.

Gear oil’s main purpose is to keep the transmission running smoothly. This is why it is high in viscosity. A high-viscosity oil can slowly cause damage to your engine and not provide better results. 

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Although mixing them in small amounts is acceptable, if you mix them in large quantities, it can slow down your car’s engines.


Mixing two lubricants isn’t always a good idea. You can mix just a small amount of engine oil and gear oil, but not enough to make your car very lean. 

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