Wix XP Vs Napa Platinum: Which is More Reliable?

Wix is a well-known manufacturer of oil filter and offers a large selection of oil filters for different vehicle types. Wix XP, which is manufactured by the company, gives Napa Platinum produced Napa Filters a tough challenge.

Let’s compare them.

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Wix XP Vs. Napa Platinum

Wix XP oil filters are part of a high quality line of oil filters made by Wix.

The Napa Platinum oil filter is however part of an exclusive Napa Filters range. 

ParametersWix XPNapa Platinum
Filter MediaFully Synthetic MediaFully Synthetic
There are many Inlet Holes7 Holes8 Holes
Middle CoreLouversHoles
Relief ValveLeaf Steel SpringCoil Steel Spring

Filter Medium

The oil filter’s oil filter is where the filter media plays a greater role. Filter media aids in filtering out and clearing pollutants from motor oil. The filter media is used to trap contaminants in oil.

The Wix XP and Napa Platinum filters both use fully synthetic media, which is more effective than cellulose media. Synthetic media traps more contaminants and has a greater surface area.

Inlet Holes

An oil filter has an inlet hole at its end. These inlet holes control the flow of oil into the oil pan. The greater the number of inlet holes you have, the better the flow control and flow.

Wix XP oil filters have 7 inlet holes, whereas Napa Platinum oil filters have 8 inlet holes. This ensures that oil flows more efficiently.

End Cap

The end cap must be strong enough to protect the oil filter and be effective. End caps made of metal mesh or steel are more durable than those made from cardboard.

Napa Platinum oil filters and Wix Xp Oil Filter both use metal or steel mesh endcaps that make the filter strong, efficient, and durable.

Anti-Drain Valve

Oil flow can be controlled using the anti-drainback device. Both Wix Xp Oil Filter (Napa Platinum) and Napa Platinum Oil Filter (Wix Xp Oil Filter) use silicon-type anti drain back valves. Only the Napa Platinum anti drain back valve has ridges that are visible between them.

The Napa Platinum Anti-drain-back valve has ridges that support the upper bypass valve. Napa Platinum is therefore on the positive side. 

Miles Coverage

Customer demands that oil filters last long. The length of an oil filter’s life depends on many factors, including driving conditions, oil quality, and weather. The best way of estimating how long an oil filter can last is to use Mile Coverage.

The Wix XP Oil Filters should be changed between 3,750-10,000 miles. On the other side, it is possible to change the Napa Platinum oil filters between 4,000-7,500 miles Normal driving conditions are ideal for this recommendation.

Relief Valve

A relief valve’s role is to open when an oil filter becomes clogged, or when too much oil is present to save the engine. Coil steel springs make oil filters more flexible and allow for unfiltered oil to flow easily.

Napa Platinum oil filters use a coil steel spring that is placed below the middle core. Wix XP oil filters, on the contrary, uses a leaf spring that is less effective.


Wix XP oil filters have a higher price than Napa Platinum Oil Filter.



Napa Platinum is the clear winner over Wix XP Oil Filters, as shown in various comparisons. Napa Platinum offers a larger inlet hole and a coil-steel spring relief valve, and is more affordable than Wix XP oil filters.

Simply put, Napa Platinum Oil Filter offers all the benefits of Wix XP Oil Filter with a lower price!

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