Do Oil Filters Expire? (All Myths Busted)

Are you curious if oil filters can be reused? Is it safe to use? What about its shelf life? All the information you need will be provided.

Are Oil Filters Expiry Dates?

Oil filters aren’t subject to expiry, but you should still continue using them. Although they don’t have an expiry date they can be used for as long as you want. They can also become clogged faster than the average oil filter.

These are some of the reasons your oil filter could be nearing its expiry date:

  • Use of poor-quality or ineffective lubricants
  • Incorrectly installed 02 in filter

Oil Filter Shelf Life

Proper storage conditions will prolong the shelf life of a product than when it is used.

The only thing you need to learn about oil filters is how to store them. Oil filters can be stored in a way that will allow them to last a long time, or even for ever, since there is no expiry date. 

Because the entire structure and construction are made of only a little metal, the components of the oil filter are not very corrosive. A car oil filter won’t last as long if it is installed in it as if it was stored in dry conditions.

How to extend the oil filter’s shelf-life?

Your oil filter’s shelf life can be affected by the conditions and place where it is stored. To ensure that your oil filter lasts a long time and is always available for you, find a dry place in your home or in a container. 

As moisture doesn’t touch the filter, it will ensure that all of its components are intact. Some vehicle owners recommend that oil filters be stored in dry conditions to prolong their life for at least 10 years. 

This works well, but it’s not a perfect solution. Rubber seals can sometimes start to wear after seven to eight years, depending on which filter.

Oil filter life when installed in vehicle

Consider the mileage. A regular oil filter will last about 3 years. 5 to 8 000 miles. Although some recommend changing your oil filter once every ten thousand miles it is too much for most cars. 

good vs bad oil filter
Good Oil Filter vs. Bad Oil Filter

According to the brand and type of oil filter used in your vehicle, some mechanics, oil manufacturers, and oil filters also recommend changing it every 3-4000 miles.

Some car manufacturers specify the time it takes to change the oil filter or oil. This information is provided for car owners and drivers. 

Many people don’t know how many miles they drive each year. Instead, changing your oil filter It is recommended to change your oil at least once a year, or after the third oil change. 3 or 4 times per calendar year.

Factors that could reduce the life expectancy of your oil filter in the car’s engine

  • Towing
  • There are many stop-and go driving conditions, most of which are in cities.
  • Weather conditions can be severe
  • Inappropriate and aggressive driving style
  • Be careful when driving with heavy loads

Oil Filter Shelf Life (By Brands

There are many brands available, and each brand comes with its own instructions. The company also provides information about the oil filter’s official life expectancy. Below are a few examples. 

Fram2 Years
Wix2 years
Tempest2 – 3 Years
K&N50,000 miles
Baldwin5 years
Mobil1 Year or 20,000 miles
Toyota3 months, 7,500 miles
Motorcraft 5000 miles 
ACDelco3 months or 3000 Miles
Purolator 10,000 to 20,000 Miles

What happens if you put dirty oil in the engine?

used oil filter

Every vehicle engine needs clean oil. Lubrication is required for many engine parts. Your engine has many tiny passageways. If you have dirty oil in the engine, it can cause damage.

  • Because of a shortage of clean oil, certain engine parts won’t receive enough lubrication.
  • Small passageways can be blocked 
  • Fuel economy of your vehicle’s engine drops
  • Poor lubrication can lead to costly repairs. overheating Damaged parts
  • The filter media can be damaged if you wash the oil filter. The filter will no longer serve its purpose and the paper filter media might even fall off, which could lead to engine contamination.


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Grab Your Clothes

Oil filters do have an expiry date, even if they are used frequently. However, unlike other products, they can be kept dry and away from moisture for as long as possible. This will ensure that the oil filter is in good physical condition and lasts for many years without any rusting or damage.

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