Purolator vs Fram: Best Oil Filter Brand?

Purolator vs Fram is a debate among mechanics and owners of vehicles. This is especially true for the oil filter range.

If you’re confused about the two brands Purolator or Fram, we have you covered. We will discuss some of the differences in this article. Let’s get started!

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Fram Oil Filters vs. Purolator

Both brands have been a leader in the automotive industry for decades, especially when it comes to oil filters. Although Purolator was the first to release an oil filter, Fram did so in 1932. manufacturing in some locations The USA

Let’s examine the differences between them to get a better idea of which one is the best.

ParametersPurolator Oil FilterFram Oil Filter
Compatibility with synthetic oilsThey can be used with all types of oils and provide the best results when using synthetic oils.Both synthetic and conventional oils compatible
End CapEnd caps for Purolator oil filters are made of metal or steel mesh. Fram Oil Filters are usually made with a fiber and cardboard endcap
Anti-drainback valveIt can be used with both the nitrile and silicon rubber drain back valves.Uses silicon rubber anti drain-back valve
How many miles of protection?10,000 miles7500 Miles
Pricing Fram oil filters are less expensive than Fram oil filtersCompare to Purolator oil filters, which cost $2-$3 more

Prevalence of moisture

Low quality oil filters are a sign that there is moisture inside them. It is often noticed that Fram Oil Filters contain some moisture in their new, unused oil filters, while there is no moisture in Purolator oil filters. 

This clearly shows that Purolator Oil Filters have taken over Fram Oil Filters for interior quality.

Anti Drain Back Valve

Customers should pay attention to the anti-drainback valve when purchasing an oil filter. The anti-drain back valve made of silicon rubber always replaces the nitrile.

Some Purolator oil filters have a silicon rubber-type anti-drainback valve. Others have a more traditional nitrile type. The special anti-drain back valve for the Purolator Boss oil filters is made from ethylene acrylic.

However, most Fram Oil Filters include a silicon rubber anti drain-back valve that is more effective than the nitrile.

How Long Does the Oil Filter Last? 

The number of miles the filter lasts will indicate its quality. Longer oil filters provide better protection for your engine and engine oil. Under normal driving conditions, purolator oil filters can last approximately 10,000 miles.

Fram Oil filters, on the other hand, can last for approximately 7500 miles in normal driving conditions. The best oil filter for synthetic oil is Purolator oil filters.


End caps are used to resist high pressure and provide support for the oil filter. They should be strong. The original end cap for Purolator oil filters was made from paper. However, they announced later in a metal war clip that they will be switching to a steel mesh or metal cap.

Fram Oil Filters uses cardboard or fiber endcaps that are of poorer quality than metal.


When choosing an oil filter, customers should consider price. The cost of Purolator Oil Filters is less than Fram Oil Filters, and they are readily available at Walmart.

Fram oil filters are also more expensive than Purolator oil filters by $2-3.


Both Fram oil filters and Purolator oil filters are well-known brands. However, they try to be more popular than each other. Based on different customer feedback and observations, it is clear that the Purolator oil filter is better than the Fram oil filter. We recommend that you choose the one that best suits your vehicle.

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