Motorcraft vs Fram: Leader in Oil Filter Brand?

Fram is an innovator in oil filters. However, there have been many competitors on the market such as Motorcraft.

However, do Motorcraft Oil Filters have the same level as Fram Oil Filters? Are they the exact same or is one superior to the other? Let’s find the answer!

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Motorcraft vs. Fram Oil filter

It is crucial to choose the right oil filter for your vehicle. Motorcraft and Fram can be fierce competitors when it comes to choosing the best oil filter. 

ParametersMotorcraft oil filterFram oil filter
End CapEnd Cap or Steel Mesh Back, or Metal Mesh BackCardboard back and end caps
Who manufactures the oil filterPurolator Filters LLCFirst Brands Group, LLC
PricingFram oil filters are more affordable than their counterparts.Fram Oil Filters can be a little more expensive than Motorcraft Oil Filters.
Micron Rating20 Micron or more10-12 micron

Micron Rating

This refers to how small the contaminants can be caught by a particular filter. The oil also flows through the filter. Motorcraft oil filters can catch particles as small as 20 microns.

Fram oil filters, on the other hand capture particles between 10-12 microns. Fram Extra Guard oil filter can trap particles of around 20 microns.

Use Synthetic oils for Suitability

Synthetic oils are best for vehicle engines. Motorcraft oil filters can be used with any type of oil, but they are most effective when using synthetic oils. 

Although Fram Oil Filters can be used with synthetic oils, they are not as safe as Motorcraft Oil Filters. 


You won’t be capable of identifying the differences in the appearance of the two filters if they aren’t labeled or tagged.

Only the end cap is visible between them. Motorcraft oil filters typically have steel or mesh end caps, while Fram Oil filters use cardboard end caps.


The customer’s primary concern is pricing. Customers are attracted to lower-priced items and often overlook the quality of the product. Motorcraft Oil Filters are more expensive than Fram Oil Filters. 

Motorcraft oil filters show a difference in price of $1-$2 when compared to comparable Fram Oil Filters.

A List of Some Motorcraft Oil Filters

  • Motorcraft FL2017A 
  • Motorcraft FL326 
  • Motorcraft FL1995
  • Motorcraft FL2016
  • Motorcraft FL500S

Here are some Fram Oil Filters

  • Fram titanium oil filter
  • Fram Extra Guard Oil Filter
  • Fram Ultra Synthetic oil Filter
  • Fram Racing Oil Filter


Fram is a more established brand than Motorcraft, however there is no doubt Motorcraft is a strong competitor to Fram when it comes to oil filters. Motorcraft introduced powerful oil filters at a fraction of the cost of Fram Oil filter. After comparing the differences and making a decision based on your preferences, we recommend that you make your choice.

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