Wix Vs. Toyota Oil Filters: A Tough Competiton?

For a while, Toyota and Wix have been trying to grab the oil filter market. 

We’ll be comparing Wix Oil Filters with Toyota Oil Filters in this article and will decide which one wins. Let’s get started!

Toyota Oil Filter Vs. Wix

These two brands offer a variety of oil filters. Toyota oil filters can be manufactured by Nippondenso and Denso. Mann+Hummel produces the Wix Oil Filters. Let’s compare the oil filters made by these two companies.

ParametersToyota Oil FiltersWix Oil Filters
Filter MediaCellulose, fiber mediaGlass enhanced media
Anti Drain Back ValveSilicon Silicon
Relief ValveLeaf Steel SpringCoil Steel Spring
End CapMetal End Cap, or in some filters no metal end capEnd caps made from metal or steel mesh
Filter LifeDistances up to 6300 (approximatively)Get up to 10,000 Miles

Filter Life

Frequent oil filter change will not only cost you time, but it will also cause your car to be very expensive.

The oil filter should perform well and be durable. The oil filters of Wix can last between 3000-5000 miles and 3750-10,000 miles if used with synthetic or conventional oil. However, they will not last as long as conventional oil.

Toyota Oil Filters, on the other hand, last up to 10,000 km or 6300 miles Under normal driving conditions, up to 5000km or 3200 mi under extreme driving conditions.

Filter Medium

Filter media is responsible to effectively remove contaminants from an oil filter. Wix oil filters are equipped with glass-enhanced media filter media. These media have greater surface area and better removal of contaminants.

Toyota Oil Filters however, have cellulose and fibre media, which are comparatively less effective that glass enhanced media.

Sticky Or Gluey Filter

Some Toyota Oil Filters can be sticky and have dry glue at the base. This is not the case with Wix Oil Filters.

Anti Drain Back Valve and Relief Valve

The anti-drainback valve found in Wix Oil Filters and Toyota Oil Filters uses the same silicon type. However, the relief valves used in them are very different.

Wix Oil Filters utilize coil steel spring relief vales that are powerfully efficient and flexible enough to contract downwards. Toyota Oil Filters also use a leaf-steel spring relief valve.


Efficient filters can be more expensive than standard oil filters. Toyota oil filters can be purchased for between $7 and $25

Wix Oil filters, however, can be expensive at anywhere from $10 to $50.


If price and cost are not important to you, Wix Oil Filters may be a better choice than Toyota Oil Filters. Toyota Oil Filters have a major disadvantage: the sticky, glued filter. This causes some pleads to get stuck together, which results in lower oil filter efficiency. 

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