Mini Cooper Oil Change

The Mini Cooper is a small-sized economy car, well-known for its speed, extreme drifting and unique appearance. MINI’s most well-known model, the cooper model, is among its many models. 

Mini Cooper, the most well-known model, needs oil changes. Continue reading to learn more about Mini Cooper oil changing, cost, frequency, as well as everything else you need to know.

Regular oil changes are important for the Mini Cooper engine

When oil is heated frequently and repeatedly, it begins to degrade and produce sludge. This sludge can slowly restrict oil passageways in your mini cooper’s engine if left untreated. 

As engine oil ages, it absorbs more pollutants and clogs the oil filters. This can prevent engine oil from being circulated, which could lead to engine damage. Your engine will no longer work in normal conditions. 

Engines that get very little oil wear and cause friction, which in turn creates heat. Engine failure is more likely if the engine temperature is higher.

Your engine’s oil will get more polluted as it gets older. oil filter To clog.  The engine’s moving parts can wear out, causing friction heat and a lack of oil to get to it. Engine failure is more likely if your engine temperature rises. 

It is vital to drain all oil from the engine and change it with fresh oil. Modern engines have a very limited tolerance and oil pump operating pressures that are low to increase fuel economy and performance.

Flushing the engine can help remove sludge and deposits. Keep reading to learn how often your oil needs to be changed.

MINI Cooper Oil Change Frequency

Mini Cooper Oil Change

We all know that MINI Coopers need to have their oil changed at specific times. This will maintain and improve its performance.

Do you know how often you should change your oil? MINI Cooper oil should be changed approximately every 4,000-6,000 miles.

These guidelines will help you keep your MINI Cooper running smoothly for many years. When determining the frequency, there are other things to consider.

Let’s take as an example, an American who drives approximately 12,000 miles per annum in his Mini. If he does this, then he should change the oil at least twice a year.

Even if you drive very rarely, it is important to have your drivers license. engine oil Oil should be changed at least once a year. You should remember to change it every year. Oil can start to wear over time even if you are not driving your car.

What type of oil is best for your MINI Cooper?

Type of Oil

Crude oil is the base of both synthetic and mineral engine oils. Mineral oils are obtained from crude oil. Synthetic lubricants can be chemically altered to change their molecular structure. 

Because they can be tailored to certain properties, synthetic oils are considered better than mineral oils to be used in MINI Cooper engine engines.

They can be manufactured to be more durable and can have a more consistent molecular structure than the natural variations found in mineral oil. 

Because conventional oil is less efficient than synthetic oil, it will cause more damage to the turbo. These deposits eventually lead to wear and may require turbo replacement.

MINI Cooper requires synthetic SAE 30 BMW Genuine Oil for efficient operation. If you use another type of oil, it could impact negatively on your MINI Cooper’s performance. You will need to change your MINI Cooper’s oil. mini cooper’s engine oil You will see it more often.

MINI Cooper Oil Change Cost

The cost of oil is higher for synthetic oils, which are widely used in MINI Cooper. They go through various processes and add-ons that increase their value. A blend of synthetic and mineral oils can offer a compromise between cost and performance. These oils are known as semi-synthetic oils.

Let’s now discuss the total cost of an oil change for a MINI Cooper. MINI Cooper oil changes cost between $150 and $190 on average. Prices can vary depending upon many factors.

Labor costs are estimated between $75 and $96. The cost of parts is between $75-100.

Why is MINI Cooper oil changed so costly?

Mini Cooper is a subcompact car that has become a household name and one of its most expensive. We know how much Mini Cooper oil changes cost.  

Because Mini Cooper is BMW-like in engineering and engine, it will cost more to get services like oil changes or repairing parts. Mini Cooper’s high-end parts and premium gasoline are two other reasons it is more expensive overall.

How to do a MINI Cooper oil change yourself 

Mini Coopers have BMW-like engineering, which can make it very expensive to repair and change oil. A Mini Cooper oil change can be done by yourself, which will help you save money and make it easier.

These are the essential items that you will need to change your mini cooper’s oil.

You will need the following equipment:

  • A oil filter that includes an o-ring
  • 4 quarts of oil
  • Hex head socket 8-millimetre 
  • Oil pan

Steps to make your MINI Cooper oil change easy:

  • To raise your MINI Cooper, use a jack 
  • To unscrew the drain plug, reach underneath the vehicle with a hex head socket
  • After removing the drain plug, allow the oil to drain completely into the pan.
  • You can drain any oil left behind by unscrewing the old oil filter 
  • Remember to remove or peel the rubber gasket.
  • Apply new oil to the oil gasket 
  • Now put in a new oil filter and tighten it.
  • To add 4 quarts of oil, use a funnel and ensure there are no leaks
  • Don’t waste your old oil. Take it to your local recycling center. 

You will be able to change your MINI Cooper’s oil on your own if you follow these steps. It is economical, it prolongs the life of your MINI Cooper’s engine, prevents internal damage and increases its performance.


To keep your Mini Cooper running smoothly and healthy, it is essential to maintain its health. Mini Coopers need to have their oil changed regularly to extend its life span and prevent any damage. These guidelines will help you to do it yourself.

I trust this article will answer all your questions about Mini Cooper oil changes and give you the important and useful information you need.

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