[Top 4] Bad Oil Filter Symptoms

Your engine’s oil filter may be the problem. Your oil filter is an essential component of your engine that protects it from outside pollutants.  

Over time, dirt and other debris build up in the oil filter. This can lead to a clogged filter. Unwanted particles can enter your oil through a clogged oil filter. If you use an incorrect-sized oil filter, external contaminants could also get into your oil. 

This post will discuss some of the signs that your oil filter may be clogged. 

What happens to the Bad oil filter? 

You should ensure that you have the right oil filter for your vehicle. If the oil filter is too small, the seals won’t close properly.  

This can cause a variety problems in your engine such as oil leakage and low oil pressure. An incorrect oil filter can lead to more dirt and debris in your engine oil. There’s nothing wrong in using an oil filter. expired oil filter Oil filters should be kept in storage because they don’t have an expiry.

Let’s examine some symptoms that indicate a bad oil filter. 

Bad Oil Filter Symptoms 

Performance of the engine is reduced  

It is difficult to determine the cause of engine problems if you are experiencing poor performance. A faulty oil filter could cause problems with your engine’s performance. Faulty oil filters can cause many problems for your vehicle. 

A metallic rattling sound may be heard from the engine. This can cause poor fuel economy. Blocked oil filters can cause your engine parts to work harder and increase oil consumption. Vibrations in your car could be caused by friction between metal parts because of clogged oil filters. 

The art of burning oil 

You may smell burning oil coming from the engine. ventsThis could indicate that your oil filter has been damaged. Gray or blue smoke coming from your engine exhaust is another sign that you have a faulty oil filter. Smoke from the engine exhaust is a sign that your engine is burning oil. 

Oil can leak from other parts of an engine if it is too small or poorly placed. This could lead to oil burn due heat. 

Overheated engine 

Another sign of an oil filter blockage is engine overheating. Engine oil can become clogged if it is blocked. This will result in an increase in oil loss and a slowing of the engine’s oil flow. This will cause engine components to receive less oil for lubrication and increase friction. 

Most likely, your engine is overheated. Check the dashboard of your engine to see if the engine is heating up, steam is coming out, or if the temperature is too high. Check that your oil filter is working properly if your engine is heating up. 

Metal Shavings

A bad oil filter could be causing metal shavings to appear in your oil. These should be removed immediately. metal shaving in your oil, fix your filter ASAP after inspecting it.

Low oil pressure 

An oil filter that is clogged can cause a drop in oil pressure. When the oil filter hasn’t been changed in a while, external pollutants can mix with engine oil. This can lead to oil flow becoming restricted and variable and pressure being over the bypass valve and filter system. This caused a drop in oil pressure. 

Low oil pressure warning lights on your dashboard could indicate that your oil filter has been damaged. 

How do you choose the right oil filter for your car?

It is crucial to choose the right oil filter for your engine in order to ensure its longevity and performance. Consider the following. 

  1. You should ensure that your oil filter is the right size. Consult a professional to find the right one for you. When installing the oil filter, ensure that you don’t tighten it too much.
  2. The oil filter’s dirt-holding capability should be examined. The dirt retention capacity for an off-road vehicle oil filters is different from that of a car. 
  3. Your engine’s oil pressure flow must be compatible with the oil filter. The oil filter should also be designed and manufactured to suit your engine type. 

FAQ’s on Bad Oil Filter Symptoms

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If you have any of these symptoms, it is important to get your oil filter replaced as soon as possible. It is recommended to change your oil filter each time you change your oil.  

This is because oil filters can become damaged and may fail.  It is important to ensure that your oil filter is the right size. Replace your oil filter with one that is correct in size if it becomes too old. 

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