Does Synthetic Oil Degrade Over Time?

Synthetic oil is superior to conventional oil in terms both of performance and quality. As we all know, conventional oil tends to degrade over time. Synthetic oil is no different. But synthetic oil is longer-lasting than conventional oil.

Synthetic oil usually has a shelf-life of around 7-8 years. The oil will not properly lubricate an engine and is therefore not recommended. This article will explain how long it takes for engine oil to start to wear, as well as what happens if the oil is sealed. We will also examine how to tell if your engine oil is deteriorating.

What length of time can synthetic oil be left in an engine’s combustion chamber?

The time that the engine oil takes to degrade is affected by many factors. Engine oil that has been used before will quickly degrade when it is seated in the engine. It is important to consider environmental factors. Similar cases have been seen with the expiry of oil filters.

Cold weather causes engine oil to trap more moisture. This allows bubbles to form. foam to form in the engine oilIt can cause it to be unusable. The oil’s lubrication capacity will decrease if synthetic oil is left in the vehicle for too long. The oil’s viscosity can be affected by external moisture, dirt, or debris.

Oil can last up to 6-12 months if it is kept in the car. Synthetic oil has additives that make it last longer while sitting in the engine. Silicon and other anti-foam additives prevent engine oil from forming bubbles or foam.

How long can synthetic oil last unutilized?

If left unutilized, conventional oil can last up to 5 years. Synthetic oil has better additives than traditional oil so it can easily last for 7-8 years, if stored correctly.

How do you know if the synthetic oil is bad?

1. Unused oil

The expiry date is the best way to see if the engine oil has expired if it has not been used and sealed. The expiration date can be found on the bottle. Some brands show only the manufacturing date. If that is the case, add 7 to eight years beyond the manufacturing date to consider the expiry date.

2. Oil in the engine

It is worth checking if the oil has not been used for a while. To confirm, start the engine. The following symptoms may occur if the engine oil has become unusable.

  1. Oil light will go on
  2. Cranking sound coming from the engine 
  3. Engine fails to start

It is crucial to inspect the engine before you start the vehicle. Permanent wear can occur.

How to determine if oil is degraded

  1. With a dipstick, apply some oil to your hands.
  2. Look at the color of the oil. It is most likely to be dark brown or black. If it is not, oil is milkyThat is a different issue.
  3. Test the thickness of engine oil by rubbing it between your fingers. If the oil is thick, it’s most likely clogged.
  4. If the oil smells like burned oil, it’s likely that it has been degraded and is no longer useful.

How can synthetic oil not degrade quickly?

You should properly store any extra synthetic engine oils that are not being used in the engine. 

  1. Make sure the oil bottle is sealed properly to protect engine oil from moisture and air.
  2. High temperatures, despite additives, can cause oil viscosity to decrease. Avoid exposing engine oil too hot or cold. It is best to keep the oil at 40-80 degrees.
  3. Engine oil can be damaged by light. Dark-colored containers or sheets are best to protect the oil.
  4. If you don’t intend to use the oil, it is best not to open the seal more than once. Engine oil bottles should not be opened after one year as moisture and air can cause them degradation.

FAQs about Does Synthetic Oil Degrade over Time

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Synthetic oil, as the name suggests, is an engine oil of high quality that can last many miles. As with other oils, synthetic oil can degrade over time. The shelf life of synthetic oil bottles that have not been opened is typically 7 to 8 years. 

Synthetic oil can be kept in an unoccupied car for between 6-12 months. If your engine oil has started to degrade, you should change it to improve its efficiency and durability.

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