Overfill Power Steering Fluid – How Bad is it?

Ever accidentally filled your power steering fluid too high? This article will explain the dangers of filling up your power steering fluid with too much and how to remedy them. 

Your power steering fluid should be replaced if you notice your steering wheel becoming more difficult to turn or your car not responding to power steering. The hydraulic coupling that lubricates the steering wheel and front wheels is called power steering fluid. Let’s see how to properly fill power steering fluid. 

Is it wrong to overfill Power Steering Fluid? 

Overfilling the reservoir may not cause any issues with power steering, but it does not mean that other engine components will not be affected. You should have the correct power steering fluid in your possession. mix it with something wrong.

The fluid takes approximately 4-5 minutes to activate and begin working. Engine heat may cause the engine’s power steering fluid to expand. This can lead to the power steering fluid leaching all over the engine. This can negatively impact engine performance and reduce engine life. 

A contaminated power steering fluid can have disastrous consequences 

  • Leakage of power steering fluid can lead to foaming around engine components and wear. 
  • It is possible for power steering fluid to ignite if it is heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • The fluid could reach the spark plug, which can cause frequent engine misfires. 
  • It can cause engine belts and other components to slip, which can lead to premature wear. 

How can you avoid overfilling power steering fluids? 

To hold more fluid, replace the power steering fluid reservoir. Aluminum-body power steering reservoirs can be more durable and prevent fluid leakage. 

You will need to use a small funnel for the fluid. The reservoir has a very small opening. This will keep the fluid from spilling over other parts of the engine. It also slows down excess fluid. 

How do you fix a leaking power steering fluid? 

  • Clear any oil from the top of the power steering reservoir or engine components. 
  • You can drain excess fluid with a turkey baster and a syringe.

We will also be discussing some methods to remove excess fluid. 

How to Drain Excessive Power Steering Fluid 

Method 1: Using syringes 

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Although it takes some time and effort to use syringes, it is one of the best ways to remove extra oil. You should use no less than 150 milliliters of the syringe. 


  1. First, take off the lid of your power steering reservoir. 
  2. Place the tip of the syringe into the reservoir 
  3. Pull the handle backwards to get the oil from the syringe 
  4. Keep going until your oil level reaches the MAX point. 

Method 2: Using Fluid Evacuator 

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of excess oil is using a fluid vacuum. This method requires you to purchase a fuel-evacuator which can be costly. 


  1. First, take off the lid of power steering fluid reservoir. 
  2. Insert the fluid evacuation hose into reservoir 
  3. Turn it on. It will create pressure so that the fluid is sucked into a container. 
  4. If the oil level reaches between MIN & MAX levels, turn off. 

Method 3: Removing the Hose 

You will only need a plier-clamp to do this. The fluid can spill if you pull the hose. Before you take the hose off, make sure to use gloves and a towel. 


  1. Remove the clamp from the low-pressure line. 
  2. Cover the hose with a towel to stop fluid from escaping. 
  3. To pour excess oil into the container, place the funnel under the rubber and metal return lines. 
  4. Let the fluid drain until it reaches normal. 

How to Refill Power Steering Fluid Properly?

  1. Make sure you buy the right power steering fluid for your vehicle. Now, test the fluid level by using the markings on the reservoir. You can also use a Dipstick To measure the oil level. 
  2. Your power steering fluid level should not be below the MIN mark. 
  3. Take off the top of the reservoir and insert a funnel into it. 
  4. Fill the power steering fluid reservoir using the funnel. Anything beyond the MAX level of the reservoir is considered to be overfilled. 

For those who are too lazy or unable to read, here is a quick video.


FAQ’s on Overfilling Power Steering Fluid

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Overfilling your power steering fluid can cause engine performance problems. This can lead to wear in engine parts. 

A funnel is a good idea for refuelling your power steering fluid. Additionally, you should remove any oil that may have gotten on engine components. You should drain the fluid as soon as it reaches the MAX level. 

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