Top 8 High Zinc Motor Oil Brands 

Older engines cannot be adequately protected by synthetic oil. High zinc-based motor oils are therefore used in older engines. Zinc compounds in zinc oils help to reduce friction in engine components. These oils are ideal for older engines that need better lubrication or protection from oil engine components. High zinc oil is used in racing oil due to its outstanding performance and resistance against wear and tear. 

Many brands offer high zinc-based motor oil. This article will focus on some well-known brands and their features. 

Top-Rated Zinc Motor Oil Brands 


Valvoline is a market leader in zinc motor oils since 1866. The VR1 Racing oil contains a high level of zinc and phosphorus, and is specifically designed to provide increased protection against harsh environments. 

Valvoline provides high-quality zinc motor oil in a variety of viscosities. 10W-30 and 20W-50 have 1350-1400ppm zinc. This is usually between 13-14% and 14% of total oil. 


  1. For increased protection, double the zinc content, reduce friction, and avoid sludge. 
  2. Anti-foaming agents can be used to prevent foaming and bubble formation at high pressure. 

Viscosities: SAE-30, SAE-40, SAE-50, SAE-60, 10W-30, 20W-50


This brand is well-known and has been in the market for many years. It is mostly used in racing cars. The components offered by Driven are suitable for both passenger and racing vehicles. This oil is usually more expensive than other oils and is only compatible with a small number of engines. 

Driven 03806 HR-5 has poor packaging and is not designed to be used for high-performance cars. ZDDP is an additive that provides extra protection and allows it to be used in high temperatures. It is ideal for racing cars.  


  1. It has a high concentration of zinc, making it ideal for racing cars.
  2. Emissions are lower
  3. ZDDP additive, which includes anti-wearing agents and friction agents.

Viscosities: 15W-50, 5W-40, 5W-30,10W-30 


Lucas offers a variety of oils, greases, and additive-based products. The Lucas zinc oil creates a thick film on the engine to allow it to run more efficiently. You can also get coolants to help you drive your vehicle in hot conditions. 

Lucas Oil 10684-20W-50 is around 2100 ppm rich in zinc. It’s great for keeping your engine oil at a high pressure. A friction modifier is included in Lucas zinc oil to help prevent wear and tear on your engine. The friction modifier sticks oil to metal parts and provides improved lubrication. 


  1. This helps improve your engine’s low oil pressure. 
  2. You can avoid overheating by providing sufficient cooling and avoiding friction. 

Viscosities: 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-50, SAE-30 

Royal Purple

Another brand that offers high quality zinc oil. Royal Purple is a manufacturer of fully-formulated traditional oils. It does not contain any additional ingredients. 

Royal Purple 11487 engine break-in oil was designed specifically for older engines. This oil improves temperature control and lubrication. Royal high zinc oil is rich in zinc, phosphorus and other nutrients that help reduce friction and sludge. 


  1. The 10W-30 viscosity grades do not contain any additional additives. 
  2. Ideal for high performance flat tappet camshafts. 

Viscosities – SAE 10W-40 and 10W30, 20W-50,5W-30 

Triax Synergy 

TRIAX Synergy, a well-known high-zinc motor oil, is well-known. Their motor oil has a zinc content of approximately 2000 ppm. This oil is 25% more than the other types of engine oils making it an excellent choice to older engines. 

Triax Synergy 5W high-quality zinc oils are a bit more expensive than its competitors.

However, the oil’s high quality and sufficient zinc compounds provide protection for the entire family. 


  1. It is high in Organo Molybdenum for maximum wear resistance. 
  2. This is recommended for vehicles that have high horsepower and RPM. 

Viscosities: 5W-50,10W-40,10W-60 


Castrol is a trusted brand within the engine oil industry. CASTROL GTX Classic is a high-zinc motor oil that’s specifically designed for classic cars, muscle cars and race cars that require extra protection and lubrication. 

CASTROL GTX CLASSIC protects your engine from wear and sludge, regardless of how much you rev up. This oil is not available as a different grade. They have an oil viscosity range of 20W-50. This is not recommended for cars with catalytic converters and a wet clutch. 


  1. Additives with high zinc and/or phosphorus contents. 
  2. Thermal degradation is a way to improve performance at high temperatures. 

Viscosities: 20W-50

AMSOIL Break In Oil

AMSOIL, another brand of high-zinc motor oils, is also well-known. These oils contain a high level of ZDDP elements that provide adequate protection at high temperatures. It also meets the industry standards for wear-tear protection, ASTM D1748-10.

AMSOIL Z-ROD contains a zinc content at 1,400 ppm, and a phosphorous content at 1,300 ppm. It is compatible both with synthetic and conventional motor oils. However mixing it is not recommended as it could reduce the performance. It is recommended for rides up to 5000 miles.


  1. Flat-Tappet Cams have improved protection
  2. For older engines, complete wear and tear protection.

Viscosities: SAE 20W-50,10W-40,10W-30

Brad Penn

PennGrade was founded in 1965 under WITCO Corp with the Kendall GT-1 and later sold to ARG. It has been growing in popularity among race cars. The brand is trusted with a wide range of products for more than 50 year. This high-quality motor oil is suitable for both vintage engines and high performance racing cars.

The best products for engine protection are PENNGRADE1 BREAK-IN Oil with SAE-30 or Brad Penn Oil PK Part Synthetic Racing Oil With 20W-50. These oils are the most sought after and trusted.


  1. Protective wear-and tear protection can be provided by a thin layer of high strength film.
  2. It is free of asphaltic elements, which makes it a better choice for high temperatures.

Viscosities: 10W-30,5W-30,10W-40,15W-40,20W-50 

FAQ’s on High Zinc Motor Oil Brands

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It is important to protect your engine and give it extra care. For older engines and high-performance race cars, it is a good idea to use high-zinc motor oils. Your mechanic should always advise you on how to use high-zinc motor oil in an engine. You should choose the right oil for your vehicle, taking into account your budget and viscosity requirements. 

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