Do You Check Engine Oil With Car Running?

Is it possible to check the oil in your car while it is running? It’s a tricky and potentially dangerous question. Here is what I have learned.

When your car is running, do you check the engine oil?

It is not recommended that you check your engine oil while the engine is running. You should never check your engine oil when the engine is turned on or the car is moving. This could lead to injury. 

Why is it that you shouldn’t check your engine oil while the car is running? Let’s take another look.

It is not a good idea to check your engine oil while your car is running!

  • It is like amputation on your leg, checking the engine oil when the car is moving is dangerous and can result in burn marks. The engine is the most heated component of a car, so the engine oil inside can also heat up.
  • If you touch it, that is. boiling hot oil If you try to check the engine oil’s level, your hands might get burnt. At that moment, the oil is at its maximum temperature and could be at risk of starting to melt or vaporize. evaporate due to high heat
  • Another reason why you shouldn’t check engine oil when your car isn’t running is because engine oil serves two main purposes: to provide lubrication and cool down pistons. While the car is running, engine oil can be used by different parts. You won’t see the full oil level in the oil pan so it is impossible to determine the right reading.
  • Except for this, oil can also be used in other liquids. expanded a bit at a high temperature. It is possible that you are making a mistake by checking it while the car is still running. 
  • Oil is constantly pumped from the oil pan to various parts, such as pistons, rings and cylinders. This is why too much oil could be left in an oil pan, resulting in inaccurate measurements and observations.

As you can see, you shouldn’t check your engine oil while the car is still running. Then when should you do it? This will ensure that you have accurate measurements, and you don’t endanger yourself. Let’s take a closer look.

What is the best time to check your engine oil?

There are no right or wrong times to check the engine oil. However, it is a good idea to do so when the oil is warm or at a normal temperature. It is best to wait until you return from a drive before checking the engine oil.

Wait at least 5-10 minutes after you turn off your car’s engine to check the oil. Otherwise, you could end up with severe burns and you won’t be able to get exact measurements.

You can also check the oil in your car before you drive. However, if it is extremely cold, warm the car for about a minute and then turn off the engine. 


It is dangerous to check the engine oil of a car while it is still running. Check the oil before driving, or wait for 5-10 mins after the engine has been turned off.

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