Can You Change The Oil Filter Without Changing the Oil?

Are you familiar with the meaning of an oil filter does? Your car’s oil filter filters out all oil and dirt from the engine/motor oil to maintain a clean and smooth running engine. 

Without an oil filter, harmful particles and debris can get into your engine oil. By filtering out junk, your oil will stay cleaner for longer. However, if your oil is clogged up, you should change it.

It is generally recommended that you get an oil and filter replacement every 3,000-5000miles. Perhaps you are wondering if the oil filter can be changed without changing oil.

Continue reading to find out the answers to your oil filter and oil change questions.

Where is the Oil Filter?

Before you replace or change any part, it is important to know whether you are doing the right thing. To do this, you need to know exactly where it is located. The location of the oil filter is nearly always the same for all vehicles. 

It’s usually found on the engine’s front end, sometimes in its bottom. It is located near the engine, either under the hood or beside the oil pan.

Oil filter location

Do your oil filter and oil need to be replaced regularly?

For your engine to function properly, it requires large quantities of oil. The filter can become clogged if it is not cleaned regularly. It traps millions of contaminants and carbon dust.

Clogged oil filters reduce the oil flow through the filter, which can cause engine damage. It is necessary to replace the oil filter. Your engine could suffer serious damage if it isn’t lubricated.

Is it possible to change the oil filter without changing the oil?

Yes. Yes, you can change your oil filter and not have to change the oil. The oil is not affected by the filter change. The only oil that comes out of the filter is what is beyond the anti-drainback gasket. 

You could lose as much as half a litre or more of oil by changing the oil filter and not draining it. It will all depend on your car, but you can change the oil filter with no oil.

Is it possible to change the filter at home and not have to change the oil?

You can save money by changing your oil filter yourself. To change your oil filter at home, you don’t have to be an expert mechanic.

People generally prefer to replace the oil filter before changing it. Drain the oil and water Through a drain pipe, out of the engine You can change the filter below the car without draining the oil. However, it can get really messy. 

Nevertheless, You may also experience some oil loss during the process.This won’t cause any damage and isn’t a problem because you can always add oil to the tank that you have drained during the filter change.

How do you change the oil filter without changing the oil?

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t need any special skills to perform a filter change. All you need is to find where your oil is located. This is the actual location of most oil in your vehicle. It can be drained only by removing the plug.

Around 70% to 80% of your car’s oil is found in the oil pan. The remaining 20% to 30% are in your car’s oil filter or oil galleys. 

The oil filter will only lose a little oil during oil change. To check for splurged oil in your vehicle, you can use a dipstick.

Normally, the amount of oil that is spilt will not cause any harm or consequences. You can always replenish any oil that has been lost. Once the oil has been changed, your car can be started to check for leaks.


It is easy to change an oil filter without changing the oil. However, it can get messy and you may end up with oil from the filter. This article should answer all your questions about oil filters and oil changes. It will also answer your question about changing the oil filter without changing the oil.

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