Wix Vs Fram: Which is The Best Oil Filter?

Wix is a well-known brand on the market. But there are many other companies that want to be competitive with it. Fram is one of these brands. However, does Fram outperform Wix Oil filters?

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In this article we’ll be discussing the differences in oil filters produced by Wix & Fram. Let’s get started.

Wix vs Fram Oil Filters

Oil filters must be powerful and efficient to remove dirt and contaminants from oil and store them. They also need to supply clean oil to engine parts. This article will focus on the differences between Wix Oil Filters (or Fram Oil Filters) based upon different parameters.

ParametersWix Oil FiltersFram Oil Filters
Filter MediumGlass enhanced mediumCellulose, synthetic fiber medium
Anti-Drain Back ValvePresent (Silicon Type)Present(Silicon Type)
End CapCap in steel or metal meshCardboard cap
Relief ValveCoil Steel SpringsLeaf Steel Springs
Phenolic ResinPresentIt is not available
PricingFram Oil Filters can be more expensive than the ones in this article.Wix Oil Filters are less expensive than Wix Oil Filters

Filter Medium

This factor plays an important role in determining which filter is best. Wix Oil Filters use glass enhanced media, or a glass enhanced medium filter capable of capturing particles between 10 and 12 microns in size.

Fram Oil filters, on the contrary, are made from cellulose or glass fiber media and can capture around 10-12 micron-sized particles. This filter is more coarse than cellulose or fiber media, but has a larger surface area. 

Wix Oil filters are superior due to the glass enhanced filter medium. It has a greater surface area, which traps more particles and makes the oil more clean and filtered. 

Oil filters are capable of capturing particles between 10-12 microns in size. These particles are the most dangerous particles found in oil. 

However, only the Fram Extra Guard Filter Captures 20 micron-sized particles with high efficiency as per ISO test 4548-12 According to the company.

Phenolic Resin

A phenolic phenolic resin is a good choice for filter strength, filtration capabilities, and electrical properties. Wix Oil Filters are made with a phenolic oil that penetrates and saturates paper, thereby increasing its mechanical strength and mechanical properties.

Fram Oil Filters, however, do not contain Phenolic Resin. This is where Wix Oil Filters takes over Fram Oil Filter.

Coil Steel Springs and Leaf Spring

The relief valve uses either coil steel springs or leafsprings. 

Wix Oil Filter uses Coil steel Springs, which are more flexible. They can go down or suppress to allow unfiltered oil through the filter. 

Fram Oil Filters however use leaf oil springs made from steel that are less flexible. 

End Cap

There are two types of end caps inside an oil filter: one is made from steel or metal mesh, the other is made from cardboard. 

A steel or mesh metal end cap is stronger and more efficient than a standard cardboard metal cap. 

Most Wix Oil Filters have a steel or metal mesh cap, while Fram Oil Filters use a cardboard cap. A cardboard endcap can get saturated with oil and lose its strength. This causes problems for filtering. 

Anti Drain Back Valve

The anti-drainback valve is used to control oil flow. Because they are more durable, silicon-type anti drain back valves have been proven to be superior to nitrile ones.

Both Wix Oil Filters as well as Fram Oil Filters have silicon-type anti drain back valves. They work in the same way.


Most customers are concerned about the price. Customers desire to receive the best quality at a low price. We all know that quality can come with high prices. Wix Oil Filters have a higher price tag than Fram Oil Filters.

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Bottom Line

There are many filters that can be used in Wix or Fram oil filters. Different filters can have different specifications and capacities. We have shown you how Wix oil filters compare to Fram oil filters.

You may find one of them more appealing than the other depending on what model you choose and which models you compare.  

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