Does Oil Filter Brand Matter?

There are many brands that make oil filters. Most of them vary in their specifications. It is often difficult for customers to choose which brand of oil filter they should use. This can lead to poor choices. Oil filter brands do matter, if you’re wondering.

This article will discuss whether oil filter brands matter. We will also discuss what you should consider when choosing an oil filter. Let’s get started!

Is it important to choose an oil filter brand?

The brand of oil filters shouldn’t really matter. The brand is just a name. What really matters is the quality and specification of the oil filter. 

There are many oil filter brands on the market. However, most people believe that the highest quality oil filters will be found in expensive brands. This is false. The name under which an oil filter company is sold can be called branding. 

Many companies don’t make their oil filters, but instead take them from other manufacturers to sell under their brand. It is important to not only look at the brand name, but also the specifications and quality of the oil filter. One example is good brand Pennzoil Shell is outsourcing the manufacturing of the oil filters to be made. This will allow Shell to have the largest market share.

Which brand of oil filter is the best?

It is not easy to choose the best oil filter brand. Different oil filters have different positives and negatives so there is no one brand that is perfect. Different factors will determine which brand is best for you. 

Fram, for example, might be the most popular oil filter brand for certain customers while Purolator could be the best brand overall for others. Both brands are excellent. Fram and Purolator You can choose from a variety of popular options, depending on your vehicle’s capabilities.

It all depends on the factors that one considers when choosing an oil filter for their car. For a better understanding of the best oil filter brand for your vehicle, consult the manual or manufacturer’s manual. 

How to Choose the Oil Filter You Want?

It’s not worth the effort to choose a brand when choosing an oil filter. While some brands are well-known, others provide high quality filters. Some brands, even though they are old and well-respected, don’t always meet customer needs. 

It is important to consider the essentials when choosing an oil filter for your car. Let’s take a look at these important factors.

  • Holding capacity for dirt: As the name implies, an oil filter is used to filter out the dirt contaminating the oil. Therefore, the filter should have a good dirt holding capacity so that it doesn’t become clogged too often.
  • Type of filter media: The oil is filtered through the filter media. It must be high-quality to ensure oil is filtered to the highest standards. 
  • Anti-drain-back-valve(ADBV): Anti-drain-back valve This ensures that contaminants and dirt don’t backwash the engine while it is off, and also prevents oil starvation at the start of the engine.
  • Relief valve: This valve supplies oil to your vehicle’s engine even if the oil filter has become clogged. Spring relief valves made of coil steel are superior because they can be lowered to maintain oil flow. 
  • Driving conditions: Oil filters can be affected by driving conditions. This is why oil filter companies offer a variety of oil filters to suit your needs. Some are intended for standard conditions, and are considered good quality. Other oil filters are for more severe conditions and can be used in high-quality applications.

Keep in mind, however, that if you don’t do the oil filter change yourself and have it done by a mechanic/repair shop they may recommend something which might or not be good. You might want to look at the following: jiffy lube recommends Many products are available, depending on what car you drive. However, the most widely used product is Pennzoil oil filters.

Are I required to use the same brand oil filter and oil?

You don’t have to use the exact same oil filter and oil, unless it is recommended by the manufacturer. You can use different oil filters depending on your preference. However, make sure they are compatible.


Most people do not care much about the brand of the oil filter. You should look at the specifications, not the brand, when choosing an oil filter. If the specifications match your preferences and your vehicle’s needs, then you should go for it. 

Before you decide which brand of oil filter to buy, be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s guide.

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