Is Amsoil Dexos Approved?

There are many motor oils on the market today. Some are cheaper than others, while some are high-quality and conform to industry quality standards. Oils that meet industry standards are essential for preventing engine damage.

Amsoil, a well-known brand in motor oil manufacturing, is known for producing signature and synthetic oils. Are you looking for information on whether Amsoil oil is approved by Dexos?

Before we determine whether Amsoil dexos was approved, let’s first learn what dexos actually is and some other facts.

What Is Dexos, Anyway?

Dexos stands for industry standard motor or engine oil for vehicles manufactured by General Motors Corporation.  Dexos, in other words is an international standard set by General Motors Corporation that certifies that a certain oil can be used on GM vehicles if Dexos approves it.

General Motors states that using low-quality oils or substandard oils in vehicles can decrease the engine’s life expectancy and affect its performance. In the worst case scenario, substandard oils can cause engine damage.

Now that you know what Dexos actually is, let us see if Amsoil Dexos has been approved.

Is Amsoil Dexos Approved?

Amsoil is a well-known manufacturer of motor oils, especially synthetic motor oils.  Amsoil has a variety of motor oils with different viscosities to suit different engines. These include European engine oils, gasoline engine oils, and European engine oils.

General Motors uses synthetic oils and blends to make its cars more efficient. Amsoil offers a variety of synthetic oils that have passed numerous quality standards and been tested to ensure compatibility with automobile engines. It is not clear if Amsoil is Dexos approved.

We would answer “No” to this question. Amsoil has not been approved by Dexos.

Let’s find out why.

What Amsoil Claims are vs. what’s on the General Motors Dexos website

Recent reports and news have revealed that Amsoil’s synthetic oils are compatible for Dexos. Instead, they claim that their motor oils exceed industry standards. GM Dexos1 Gen 2.

The complete information catalog about AMSOIL’s 100% Synthetic European Oil also contains GM Dexos 2 in the applicability section. Amsoil claims that their products meet or exceed the Dexos standards.

But the brand list provided on the GM Dexos Website about licensed brands whose oils are approved by Dexos standards. Does not include Amsoil. Neither the GM Approved Dexos 1 Gen 2 and the GM Approved Dexos 2 list AMSOIL as an approved brand, as they are available on their website.

FAQs about Is Amsoil Dexos Aproved

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Amsoil claims their products meet and exceed industry standards. However, neither Amsoil, nor any of its products, are included in the Dexos Approved brand list.

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