Is Havoline Good Oil? (Detailed Review)

Havoline engine oil has been around for a while and is well-respected. Havoline oil was owned by Texaco until 1931. Chevron acquired it after that. Havoline has products that are priced to suit your needs. 

Their large selection of products can be easily obtained from any local distributor or retailer. Their website also allows you to find the nearest distributor of the oil and the nearest oil change. 

This article will explain whether Havoline oil can be used to improve your engine’s performance. We’ll also discuss its advantages and drawbacks. 

Is Havoline an Oil of Good Quality? 

You may be curious about the benefits of Havoline oil for your engine. The short answer is that Havoline oil is safe for your engine. It is also certified to meet industry standards. 

HAVOLINE 5W-30 Motor Oil received a global rating from over 900 satisfied customers at Amazon of 4.7/5. This shows that customers are satisfied with the quality of Havoline engine oils. 

Let’s look at the many benefits of Havoline oil, which makes it better than other engine oils on the market. 

Benefits of using Havoline Motor Oil

Protective additives 

Their Metalloorganic anti-wear additives and deposit protection technology allow them to provide protection for a wide range temperature.  

For ultimate wear-tear protection, engine oils contain seal conditioners, antioxidants, and friction modifiers. These additives prevent rust corrosion, friction and overheating of your light-duty engine, or new engine parts. 

Reasonably priced

Havoline oil has been reported to be cheaper than other market rivals. They are considered to offer a great value for money. 5W-20 is the cheapest complete synthetic oil on the market, at around $45.29 for 6 Quarts. This works out to $7-$8 per each quart. 

There are many viscosities to choose from 

Havoline oil is more suitable for new or low-performance cars. 

Havoline oil is a versatile lubricant that can be used for vintage and high performance vehicles. You can choose from a variety of Havoline oils depending on the performance and environment of your engine. 

High-viscosity oils are best suited to hot climates and high performance vehicles. Low-viscosity oil is better suited for colder environments. You can choose from a wide range of Havoline oils depending on the engine’s viscosity. The product ranges between SAE 0W-16 and 10W-30. 

Customers have raised concerns about the use of Havoline engine oils.

Use of Havoline engine oil has its disadvantages.

  • Because Havoline lubricants are cheap, packaging for Havoline products is often inferior to other competitors on the market such as Castrol. Pennzoil.
  • Some containers may allow havoline oil to leak.
  • When used for high-performance vehicles, it is no better than its rivals.

After learning about the benefits of Havoline oil, let’s now look at some top Havoline products currently on the market. We will also discuss their features as well as the viscosity. 

Havoline motor oil varieties 

Name Features Used vehicles Viscosities available  
Conventional Motor Oil  Gasoline vehicles offer the best protection  
Sludge protection
Trucks for light-duty use 10W-30 
Synthetic Blend Motor Oil  Deposit Shield Technology 
Ideal for cold temperatures
Synthetic Technology motor  oil  Improved anti-wear property 
Deposit Shield Technology
Turbo engines   
Synthetic Technology for High Mileage Better fuel economy 
Recommend for older vehicles  
New Cars 
Light truck engines 
PRO DS Full Synthetic Clean booster 
Better Fuel Efficiency 
Antioxidants for fully synthetic oil 
Deposit Shield Technology 
Passenger cars 
Pickup trucks 
PRO-DS Full Synthetic High MileageIdeal for vehicles with high mileage  
Deposit Shield Technology 
Increased performance and reliability due to cleaning boosters and seal conditioning. 
Light trucks 

FAQs about Havoline Oils

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Havoline oil is highly recommended to your engine. Havoline oil has been around for more than a century. Although their parent companies may have changed over the years their quality has improved.

For everyday car use, Havoline oil is the best choice. It is affordable, readily available, and contains high-quality additives to give our engine the best protection.

They also sell lubricants with a range of viscosities. You can also find their products at your local gas station and online retailers. Havoline is a trusted brand that you can trust to supply lubricants.

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