What Oil Filter Does Walmart Use?

It is often difficult to find the right oil filter for you and how to install it. A mechanic should recommend installing or replacing an oil filter while performing an oil change. Walmart sells oil filters and can install them in your vehicle. You are now able to search for the exact oil filter Walmart uses.

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What oil filter does Walmart use?

Walmart uses Valvoline and Delco Fram Oil Filters. SuperTech oil filters are used by most Walmart stores. Champion labs SuperTech oil filters are made in the USA. SuperTech oil filters are used by Walmart for oil change service. 

It’s just like jiffy lubeWalmart doesn’t make its oil filters, but instead uses the best oil filter brands on the market.

However, it is always subjected to availability with Walmart Lube and Tire Shop. They use Fram Oil Filters and Valvoline at some locations. At others they use SuperTech oil filter. But does that mean they are limited in what they can do? Let’s see.

What oil filters does Walmart have?

Walmart stocks a wide range of oil filters in their stores. There is a big difference between what they sell and what they use. Walmart sells different brands of oil filters such as Fram, Wix, Mobil, Motorcraft, Cummins, SuperTech, K&N, etc., but among these filters, they only use Fram, Delco, Valvoline, and SuperTech Oil Filters.

They also offer oil and oil filter changing service. This is because they sell filters in their stores.

Walmart: How Much Does an Oil Filter Change Cost?

Over 2500 Walmart stores also sell items. Walmart’s lube and tire shop does not offer separate plans for oil filter changes, but they are included in oil change services. 

Walmart offers two packages that include an oil filter change. One is the Pit Crew package, which costs $22.8. The other is Lube and Services.

Walmart charges $22.8 for an oil filter change. 

Walmart offers an option to purchase oil filter for the pit crew package

The Walmart’s Pit Crew Oil Change Package Include an oil change and a chassislube service. Walmart will not sell an oil filter for this particular service. 

A lube technician will recommend the right oil filter for your vehicle. It can be either diesel/petrol or depending on the availability. This package is approximately $22.8 depending on your location.

Walmart uses high-quality oil filters

Walmart’s lube/tire service shop uses mainly three oil filter brands: Fram, Delco and Supertech. This is subject to vehicle model availability. Walmart’s SuperTech oil filters are high quality and offer efficient oil filtration. 

Customers have stated that Supertech oil filters are superior in terms of their filtering capabilities and are more cost-effective than other filters. Supertech oil filters as well many other brands have a very long shelf life, even if they aren’t used for a while. You don’t need to worry about this. oil filter expiry.

Walmart uses what oil filter for its oil change service?

Walmart offers many services including oil changes, maintenance, and tires. Walmart offers an oil change service that includes a new oil filter. Walmart uses SuperTech, Delco Valvoline and Fram oil filters for their oil change services. SuperTech Oil Filters is the most popular subsidiary brand of Walmart Lube and Tire service shops.

Walmart may not be the best option for your oil change. Jiffy Lube is a great brand to choose. There aren’t as many complaints about it as for Walmart.


Walmart is an American hypermarket chain that also includes departmental and grocery stores. There are over 2500 Walmart locations that have Lube and Tire Service shops. These shops offer a variety of services. Walmart’s oil filters include SuperTech, Delco and Valvoline. 

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