Where Are Fram Oil Filters Made?

Fram has been making filters for over a century and is well-known for its tough competition with other filter manufacturers. Where are the Fram oil filters manufactured? Let’s take a look at the below!

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Before we get into the details of producing Fram oil filters, let us first review the history of the company.

FRAM: Short Historical Background

FRAM was established as a filter manufacturing company in 1937. Fredrick Franklin and T.Edward Aldham were the founders of FRAM. Fram was responsible for inventing its first oil filter that could be replaced.

There has been much development in the company since then. They started making various types of filters including oil filters, engine filters, cabin filters, and fluids.

Fram has been a major player in the world of oil filter producers, especially. Fram has been ruling North America for decades. Fram is the first name that customers think of when the term oil filters comes up.

Where are Fram oil filters made?

Fram filters were first made with oil filtering elements. This is why it is believed that F1 was the first oil filter to have a replaceable cartridge.

Fram has been expanding its roots throughout the years. Fram opened its first Michigan branch in Ann Arbor in 1939 and started oil filter production there. Fram opened another plant in Greenville, Ohio, shortly after this. By this time Fram was already producing air filters.

Fram announced that its Greenville facility would be expanded in 2015 to produce oil filters. First Brands Group (formerly Trico Group), took over Fram and became its parent company. 

According to the date, the United States produces the majority of Fram Oil Filters. Nearly 10% are produced in facilities other than those of First Brands Group, like Michigan, Ohio and Greenville.

Fram has been on the market for over a decade and is now one of the largest and most respected oil filter manufacturers. 

A List of Some Fram Oil filters

Below is a listing of Fram oil filters:

  1. Fram Titanium Oil Filter
  2. Fram Extraguard Oil Filter (best for capturing large-sized micron-sized particles)
  3. Fram Ultra Synthetic oil Filter (works best with synthetic oils)
  4. Fram Racing oil filter


Fram has been a leader in oil filter manufacturing over the years and has produced some very powerful oil filters. The above conclusion shows that the majority of Fram oil filters were manufactured in the United States. However, some oil filters are also made at 2-3 other locations.

Source: Fram

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