Who Makes Supertech Oil?

Although there are many oils available on the market, not all oils are created equal. Oils we see are often not made by the same company as the label says. Therefore, one should not base their decision on the company’s brand. 

This article will provide information about SuperTech oil, as well as other relevant information. Let’s get started!

Who makes SuperTech Oil

SuperTech oil is a well-known oil. Not only is it popular among mechanics, but people also know that Supertech oil is one of the top engine oils. Do you know the source of Supertech Oil’s manufacturing? 

Let’s take another look. Warren Oil Company Inc. has produced the well-known SuperTech oil.  Warren Oil Company Inc. has been manufacturing the SuperTech oil since its inception. It was founded by Irvin Warren. SuperTech oil has a long history of goodwill in the oil industry. This is why many people and mechanics recommend it. 

You can trace the oil bottles that contain SuperTech oil produced by Warre Oil Company to find the proof. WPP is clearly visible at the bottom of SuperTech Oil containers.

Warren Oil Company

Warren Irvin established Warren Oil Company International in 1976. Warren Irvin founded the company with only 2 employees. Today, it is a prominent name in the lubricants industry. 

Warren Oil Company is an internationally recognized company with operations in Dunn (Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania and Illinois). It employs around 400 people and exports goods into more than 20 other countries. 

SuperTech oil is made where?

Warren Oil Company is the company that makes SuperTech oil. It has facilities in Dunn, Arizona and Texas. 

SuperTech oil is America‚Äôs most famous oil. It has a large range of 100% synthetic oil. 

SuperTech oil: Is it good?

SuperTech oil is safe – Supertech oil can be used without causing damage to your engine. This gives you an immediate answer. It is available in all SAE grades, and comes in several versions to suit different engine types.

SuperTech’s brand has been a success in the oil market over the years. It is still considered poor quality due to its price, but this is not the case. SuperTech oil is a very economical and affordable option, but it’s also high quality.

The price of oil is not indicative of its quality, but the specifications and parameters it has met. SuperTech Oil offers a variety of synthetic oils. Many mechanics recommend SuperTech oil. 

SuperTech oil, exclusive to Walmart, is also available at Walmart. The oil giant also sells its oil on Amazon and other retailers. 

What sets SuperTech oil apart from its local counterparts?

  • SuperTech oil has a number of advantages over local oils. First, it is Walmart-exclusive. SuperTech oil can be easily found in almost all Walmart stores.
  • SuperTech oil can be used in all temperatures, and it is also suitable for ice-cold conditions.
  • It is cheaper than other oils and more economical.
  • SuperTech oil, despite being economically priced, does not compromise its quality or provide a guarantee for performance.
  • SuperTech oil is Dexos-1 certified and passes other government requirements. Your vehicle warranty will not be affected by using SuperTech oil.
  • It is well-known for being resistant to extreme temperatures.
  • This oil can be used to combine premium base oils with an improved additive.


Warren Oil Company is the manufacturer of SuperTech oil which is a Walmart exclusive. It produces high-quality, pocket-friendly oils. SuperTech oil is an excellent oil that you can buy at a low price. 

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