Why are BMW Oil Changes so Expensive? 

BMW is the brand that people think of first when they think about luxury and high performance vehicles. Their brand value means that oil changes will be much more expensive than those of other brands. 

BMW charges a lot for oil changes, besides brand value. 

Let’s start by looking at the cost of an oil change on a BMW. 

How much does a BMW oil change cost? 

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An oil change for a BMW car costs about the same as a new engine. This is usually determined by your vehicle’s specifications and model. For an oil change, visit their office and you will pay $135 to $250.  

In this instance, the labor cost could be $60-$70 and the oil cost could range between $45-$80. The total cost of the parts can range from $90-$120, which includes engine oil, oil filter and other components.  

For an oil change on BMW cars, any independent service provider will charge between $50 and $150. For an oil change on BMW cars, luxury brands like Porsche and BMW charge over $100. A regular oil change costs between $20 and $100. 

BMW dealers charge $70-100 more for oil changes than independent dealerships. Let’s look at why an oil change with BMW is so expensive. 

Why are BMW Oil Changes so Expensive 

BMW oil changes can become very expensive due to high-performance and synthetic oils. You can also look at the following reasons:

Use of fully synthetic oils 

Oil changes can be expensive because of the type of oil used by BMW vehicles. BMW engines use a particular type of oil. Because the engine has many high-performance features and requires high-quality oil, it is necessary to use a synthetic oil. 

BMW vehicles are made from 100% synthetic oil. It is more expensive than conventional oil. Their engines require higher viscosity oil quality, such 10W-60 oil from top oil brands. This increases the oil change cost. 

Top-notch services 

BMW vehicles often have more complex engines that standard vehicles. This makes oil changes and replacement of parts more difficult and more time-consuming. BMW technicians have years of experience and are highly skilled. They can change oil in complex BMW engines quickly and accurately. 

A normal mechanic might be confused when he hears the name BMW’s high performance engine, a six-cylinder, 3.0L twin-turbo mild hybrid engine. The oil change for luxury car brands is performed by highly skilled workers who have all the tools and expertise required to do the job. 

BMW’s Brand Value 

BMW is a top luxury and high-performance car manufacturer. They are known for being expensive luxury brands. This makes luxury brands unaffordable for the middle class and increases their brand value. 

BMW recognizes that their customers can afford premium products and expect consistent and premium results. To differentiate themselves from the rest and to maintain their luxurious brand image, they charge a premium. 

The rich want to own exclusive items. BMW should reduce the cost of oil changes so that more people are willing to buy BMW cars. This could lead to a drop in brand value. It may also lead to them cutting back on high-quality services. 

How to Lower the Cost of BMW Oil Changes 

BMW oil changes can be expensive. The labor costs account for almost half the cost, and the high-quality oil accounts for the remainder. These are some ways to save money when changing your BMW oil. – 

Choosing Independent Dealership

Oil changes at BMW dealerships can be costly. Your BMW can be changed at any independent service station. As this will guarantee that your oil change is performed correctly, ask if they have changed oil on luxury vehicles before. This could reduce labor costs by half if it is done correctly.  

Synthetic Blend Oil

BMW vehicles should only be equipped with fully synthetic oil. You can still use the same oil if your BMW is not a top-of-the line luxury vehicle. However, you may be able to change to slightly cheaper oil if you do own a BMW midrange vehicle. You can save money by using synthetic blend oil for your car. 

Before changing oil type, consult your mechanic. This could cause engine performance problems. You should not switch to synthetic blend oil if you have performance problems. 

You can change the oil yourself

It is possible to save money by changing your BMW’s oil yourself. Although it may seem difficult at first, you will soon get used to it. 

How to Change the Oil in BMW  

  1. Turn off the engine, and let it cool for 20 minutes. Checking the oil while car is running This can lead to serious problems.
  2. To prevent dirt and debris from entering, remove the oil fill plug, airbox, filter, and air filter. 
  3. With a socket, remove the oil filter housing. Use a clean rag to clean the housing. 
  4. The socket can be used to disconnect the drain plug. Let the oil drain for around an hour in a bucket. 
  5. Reinstall the drain plug after all the oil has been drained. 
  6. Replace the oil filter and get a new one that is of a comparable size. 
  7. Add the oil. Let it settle before you start the engine.

You don’t necessarily need to

FAQ’s on Why BMW Oil Changes are Expensive

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Let’s sum it up: Everything has a cost. You will have to pay more for high-end services if you have a luxury vehicle. There are many benefits to paying more for an oil change on a BMW. They use high-quality oils and provide consistent oil changes for your BMW. 

If you are looking to save money and take chances, either hire a professional mechanic to change your oil or do it yourself. 

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