Wix Vs. Napa Gold: Not The Best Comparison?

Wix is a well-known brand in the oil filter industry. Many other brands are trying their best to match it. Napa Auto Parts is an example of such a brand. Napa Platinum Oil Filter, Napa Gold Oil Filter, and Napa Silver are the three exclusive oil filters that Napa Auto Parts uses. In this article we will be comparing Wix Oil Filter and Napa Gold Oil Filter.

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Wix Vs. Napa Gold Oil Filter

Wix is known for its high-quality oil filters that protect the engine and oil of their vehicles.

Napa Gold, on the other hand has been a customer favorite filter because of its high performance. We have already done a detailed comparison between Napa Gold and other filters. Wix XP and Napa Platinum So make sure to check it out.

Let’s take a look at their differences. 

Parameters Wix Oil FiltersNapa Gold Oil Filter
Anti-Drain-Back-Valve(ADBV)Type siliconSilicon Type
Filter MediumGlass Enhanced MediaCellulose Type Media
Inlet Holes6-7 Holes8 Holes
Relief ValveBoth leaf and coil steel springs are availableCoil steel spring

Filter Media

Filter media improves oil’s ability to trap contaminants and holds them in place longer. Wix oil filters have a larger surface area than other types of filter media.

Napa Gold’s oil filter, on the other hand, contains cellulose-type materials. Napa Gold’s oil filter is replaced by Wix oil filters. This is because glass enhanced media have better compatibility to different types of liquids.

Relief Valve

The relief valve in an oil filter serves a critical role. It protects the engine from starvation if the filter becomes clogged or blocked. Some Wix oil filters have coil steel springs while others have leaf steel springs.

Napa Gold oil filters contain a coil steel spring that can be bent to allow unfiltered oil to flow.

How long does an oil filter last?

The oil filter’s long-lasting capacity is an indicator of its quality. The life expectancy of an oil filter depends on many factors, such as oil type, oil consumption, and driving conditions. Wix oil filters can last between 3000-5000 miles when used with conventional oil under normal driving conditions.

The Wix oil filters can last between 3,750 and 10,000 miles in extreme driving conditions. 

Napa Gold filters, however, can last up to 5,000-7,500 miles.

End Cap

There are two types of end caps inside an oil filter: one is made from steel or metal mesh, the other is made of cardboard. 

Napa Gold and Wix oil filters both come with a metal mesh end cap. This is the advantage of Napa Gold’s Napa Gold metal filter. There are 8 inlet holes instead of the usual 6-7 that are found in Wix oil filters.

Anti Drain Back Valve

The anti drain back valve is located inside the filter. It prevents oil from escaping the filter after the engine has been turned off. A silicon-type anti drain back valve is more effective than a Nitrile-type anti drain back valve.

Silicon-type antidrain back valves are used in Wix as well as Napa Gold Oil Filter. The Napa Oil Filter’s anti-drainback valve, which is Silicon-type, has ridges that support the upper bypass valve. It also has a larger holding capacity.


Wix Oil Filter offers a variety of oil filters starting from $9-$50(Approximately). The problem is that oil filters with higher efficiency may be a little more expensive than others. 

Napa Gold Oil Filter is available for as low as $12-$15


Wix has a variety of oil filters. Some are optimized for low efficiency vehicles, while others offer higher efficiency. Napa Gold is a better choice than Wix for pricing, anti-drainback valve and long-lasting power. 

Napa Gold would work well for oil filters within this price range.

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