Is It ok to Mix Oil Brands?

It could be that you are faced with a dilemma where mixing oil from different brands is an option. You might find yourself in a situation where you don’t have enough oil to fill your tank. What is the benefit of mixing oil? Do you think it will have an impact on the performance of your engine? 

Can I mix different oil brands in my vehicle? 

You can mix oil from different brands. You won’t notice a difference in your engine’s performance if you mix oils from different brands. It is not recommended to mix oils from different brands. 

Experts believe that oil can be mixed if they have the same viscosity. However, oil is specifically designed for certain types of engines so mixing two lubricants may reduce their benefits.  

The oil additives have been specifically created to be used with the oil components. If added to another oil it can lower the functionality the primary lubricant. Oil is a chemical mixture. Each brand uses a different method to incorporate these chemicals into oil. Oil contains many compounds that improve lubrication and water resistance. Some of these additives might react negatively to other oil additives.  

Oils of different brands and viscosity chemicals will not give the same amazing performance. zinc This is not recommended to improve the overall condition of your car. 

Can I mix oil from different brands at once? 

Although it is not recommended to mix oil from different brands, in an emergency, the following points should be considered. – 

The following characteristics should be found in both oils:  

1. Same viscosity 

The oil viscosity is a measure of how oil flows through engine components at different temperatures. High-viscosity oil performs at higher temperatures better than low viscosity. The wrong viscosity oil could cause friction between engine parts. Make sure you verify the viscosity of all oils before mixing them. 

2. Similar API Rating 

American Petroleum Institute (API), a certification that ensures engine oils meet industry standards, is recognized by the American Petroleum Institute. Mixing high-rating oil with lower-API oil can decrease the engine oil’s overall performance. Low-rated oils such as SA, SB and SC can cause damage to engine components. SJ, SL and SM are high-rated oils. Combining low API oil with high API oil can cause corrosion, wear and tear to engine components. 

FAQ’s on Mixing Oil Brands

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Last but not least, do not mix oils from different brands. Some oils are designed for older engines and some for heavy-duty cars. Other oils can be used for pure racing. You won’t notice any negative effects in modern engines if you use different oils. You may experience a decrease in engine performance over the long-term.  

Blending oil is possible, but you must choose the same brand and viscosity. Because different oils have distinct chemical components, each oil is designed for a different task. The danger of engine damage increases when multiple chemicals are combined. This can lead to engine performance reductions. 

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