Which Way To Turn Oil Filter – Solutions For Over Tightening

The oil filter helps remove dirt and other debris from your engine. Over time, however, oil filters can become clogged from impurities. It is therefore important to change the oil filter on a regular basis.

The oil filter is usually black, white or blue and is attached to the engine block. Let’s have a closer look. Which Way To Turn Oil Filter To remove the oil filter.

What is the best way to get rid of an oil filter?

Turn the oil filter counterclockwise to remove it. Two types of oil filters are available for most cars: the cartridge and spin-on. Rotating the Cartridge Oil filter anticlockwise can be done. 

For the spin-on oil filters, however, an oil filter wrench may be required to turn the filter. Keep these points in mind when removing an oil filter: 

  1. After draining the engine oil, you can remove the oil filter.
  2. Make sure the oil filter isn’t too hot or cold when you change it.
  3. Avoid oily hands by wearing gloves when you remove the oil filter

Do you twist the oil filter to one side or the other?

To remove the oil filter from the oil filter facing it, turn the filter left. When installing a new oil filter you should position it correctly and turn it clockwise. When removing or installing an oil filter, you must not use force in the wrong direction. 

This can lead to the oil filter being overtightened and causing damage to the plastic portion of the cap. The cap can be damaged if it is twisted incorrectly or the O rings pinched if the cap is twisted with too much force. This could result in future oil leaks.

How many turns do you need to take off the oil filter

You will need to use a filter wrench to open the oil filter if it was not tightened by hand. The oil cap will likely be loosened by a simple twist of the oil filter wrench. The oil filter can be removed with your hands.

Why is my oil filter not coming off?

1) Improper lubrication

Each time an oil filter is changed, the O ring of the oil filter must be properly lubricated. The rubber seal will bond the metal pieces if it isn’t properly lubricated. This will make it hard to remove the oil filter.

2) Overtightened Oil filter

When a dealer or beginner uses excessive force, it is called overtightening. tighten the oil filter. It is possible to make the oil filter more difficult to remove by tightening it too much. After the car has been started, the filter will be more difficult to get out.  

Is it possible to unscrew an oil filter by using your hands?

Yes, it is possible to remove the oil filter with your hands if it was last tightened manually. If the oil filter was tightened previously, additional equipment may be required to remove it. You will need an oil filter wrench to remove some oil filters like Spin-on.

Because of a poor grip, it can be difficult for you to remove the oil filter by yourself. You can use rubber gloves or sandpaper to help in such situations. Our article “How to Remove an Oil Filter Without a Tool“” is a guide to removing the filter without the use of a tool.


For engine oil cleanliness, it is crucial to change the oil filter at every oil change. Turn the oil cover counterclockwise to remove it. The oil filter may be difficult to remove because it is likely that the rubber seals have not been properly lubricated or tightened. The oil filter can be easily removed using a screwdriver or a filter wrench.

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