10 Best Motor Oil For Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen passant is one the most desired cars. It has an engine that rivals sports cars and excellent performance.

It’s only fair that such an automobile gets the best oil, but there are many other factors you should consider before purchasing motor oils. These are our recommendations for the best Volkswagen Passant motor oil.

Liqui Moly Special Tec Motor oil 

  • Viscocity = 0w-20
  • Liquid volume – 5 litres
  • Best for overall
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  • Internal friction is greatly reduced
  • It prolongs the engine’s lifespan.
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  • Higher than synthetic products

Liqui Moly, a low friction motor oil, is made using modern synthetic production technology.

Combining modern additive technology with non-conventional bases oils reduces friction within the engine. 

It allows for maximum engine performance, as well as lower fuel usage.

It is also very effective in protecting against pre-ignition because it lowers the temperature of fuel seeped into the piston.

These features allow for better fuel economy and better engine performance.

This oil has not only improved my engine’s responsiveness and fluidity, but it also means that I don’t have to add oil as often as I used to. After 3k miles, the oil has not burned at all.

This will make your engine last longer and more efficient. 

This oil is a good investment if you are willing to pay a little bit.


  • Viscocity – 0w-30
  • Liquid volume – 5 litres
  • Best for engine cleanliness
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  • Oil has high approval ratings
  • Maintains engine cleanliness and reduces oil deposit
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  • Not suitable for all weather

Ravenol is an ultra-stable, synthetic, low friction motor oil derived from USVO (Ultra High Viscosity Oil). It exceeds the manufacturers’ expectations throughout the extended oil change interval. 

CleanSynto Technology is a powerful detergent and dispersant that prevents sludge production, improves engine cleanliness, and allows for extended oil change intervals.

This oil is excellent for cold start lubrication during engine warm-up. It also has very low evaporation and oxidation instability. The extended oil change interval means that it consumes less oil, which in turn leads to a longer life for the components of the emission system.

Oil has received exceptional approval ratings from leading brands such as BMW and Audi. This indicates that the oil is of high quality.

Motul Engine Oil

  • Viscocity – 5w-40
  • Liquid volume – 169 liquid ounces
  • Ideal for high-powered engines
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  • Higher performance in vehicles with higher displacement engines
  • Oil deposits are less extensive
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  • Not required to obtain approvals from large companies

Motul engine oil was specifically developed for high-powered and modern cars with high-displacement engines, turbo Diesel and gasoline direct injection. 

This product is multi-purpose, and highly recommended for cars with poor performance. This product is compatible with leaded and unleaded gasolines, diesel fuels, LPG, and other liquids.

Two main characteristics of the lubricant are high HTHS (high volatility) and low oil consumption. This oil uses the most advanced technology to dramatically reduce oil consumption.

This oil is recommended to OPEL 2. Oils 0 and 2. 2 DTI engines because it offers a greater viscosity and increase resistance due to Direct Injection diesel engine.

Motor oil Liquimoly

  • Viscocity – 5w-30
  • Liquid volume – 169 fluid ounces
  • Best for higher engineer requirements
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  • It provides excellent support for extreme engine use
  • Better propulsive efficiency
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  • Engine noise could increase

Liqui Moly, a synthetic HC motor oil that is all-season and high-quality for gasoline and diesel-powered passenger vehicles, includes vehicles with a diesel particulate filters per Euro 4 emissions standards and extended maintenance intervals. 

Combining unconventional base oils with HC synthetic technology with the most recent additives ensures a motor oil that offers exceptional protection against wear, reduces fuel consumption and allows for fast oil penetration. 

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, oil changes can be made every 30,000/50,000km.

This oil is more economical and has less friction. It’s therefore ideal for long intervals between oil change and extremely high engine requirements.

Schaeffer Engine Oil

  • Viscocity – 5w-30
  • Liquid volume – 12 fluid ounces
  • Low friction is best
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  • It greatly reduces friction
  • Lesser oil deposits
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  • Quite expensive 

Schaeffer Oil has been specifically designed to meet the performance needs of European vehicles. This European oil is a unique blend of synthetic base fluids that provides enhanced fuel economy and engine durability.

This oil is fortified with Micron Moly and Penetro – two proven friction modifiers, thus ensuring that this European oil provides strong protection against metal-to-metal contact.

This oil is made of sulfated-ash, phosphorus, and sulfur (SAPS). It’s designed for advanced, tuned four-cylinder European gasoline engine with or without catalytic converters.

Your engine’s life expectancy will improve with the added friction protection. Be aware that it may be slightly more expensive than some other products.

Red Line Engine Oil

  • Viscocity – 5w-30
  • Liquid volume – 3.8 litres
  • Ideal for a variety of applications
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  • At operating temperatures, thicker oil film
  • Oils that are fully synthetically produced tend to be more affordable than oils made from vegetable oil.
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  • Oil needs to be changed frequently

Red line motor oil is a fully-synthetic ester formula for passenger cars and light trucks. It can be used in marine applications and provides excellent wear protection as well as friction reduction under a variety of operating conditions.

The High Detergency allows for longer drain intervals. It also provides greater cleanliness, fuel economy, and a seal that will provide more power.

The  Superior high-temperature stability and oxidation resistance increase lubrication of hot metal compared to other synthetics. 

A high natural viscosity Index results in thicker oil film in cams and bearings. This allows for better efficiency and less evaporation.

Redline motor oil pickup is a more economical fuel than any fully synthetic brand and is highly recommended to be used in various vehicles.

Pennzoil Motor Oil

  • Viscocity = 0w-20
  • Liquid volume – 5 Quartz
  • For extreme-temperature performance 
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  • Oil is known to prolong engine life
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
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  • You need to change your oil frequently

This oil is made for extreme performance; Pennzoil Platinum offers excellent performance in extreme temperatures—delivering faster low-temperature oil flow and protecting in extreme heat.

Pennzoil motor oils protect engines that are subject to extreme temperatures. They are highly suitable for larger and more robust machines.

This oil is made from natural gasoline and has a wider range of uses.

This Pennzoil full-synthetic oil is an excellent choice for protecting your engine from thermal wear and cold starts. It is also much less expensive than other natural gas-based products.

Oil also helps to prevent loss of power and protects your engine from wear and deposits.

Castrol Motor Oil

  • Viscocity = 0w-20
  • Liquid volume – 160 fluid ounces
  • Ideal for emission control
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  • It reacts well to temperature or pressure changes
  • Superior protection for engine and gear
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  • Regular oil changes are required

This oil offers 42% more protection than an engine that is already strong.

Every second of your drive, your engine oil must be capable of reacting to the different metal-to–metal contact points in your engine. They all have different demands, pressures, temperatures. 

Castrol offers the best protection for engine parts, allowing your car to perform at its peak. 

Castrol is an advanced synthetic motor oil that has a proprietary formula that reduces volatility. It also provides superior protection for engine parts, allowing your vehicle to run at maximum power.

Castrol is most commonly used by luxury cars with smaller engines. However, it is important that you also note that Castrol can be used with your GMC sierra.

Pennzoil Motor Oil

  • Viscocity – 0w-30
  • Liquid volume – 192 fluid ounces
  • Ideal for a wide range of temperatures
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  • Protect your engine from wear by providing protection at both start and stop
  • Higher quality oil
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  • You need to change your oil frequently

This oil is only made from natural gas and doesn’t use any crude oil. It has a dramatically higher performance.

Pennzoil motor oil is ideal for engines that must perform under extreme temperatures.

This oil is made from natural gasoline and has a wider range of uses.

Pennzoil converts natural gas to a 99. Pennzoil uses 5% of pure base oil for better oxidative stability, cold-temperature performance and volatility control.

It helps to protect your engine against loss of power, provides maximum horsepower protection and guarantees high-calibre engines.

Castrol Motor Oil

  • Viscocity – 0w-40
  • Liquid volume – 160 fluid ounces
  • Best for engine protection 
Artı Yönleri
  • It reacts well to temperature or pressure changes
  • Superior protection for engine and gear
Eksi Yönleri
  • Regular oil changes are required

Castrol motor oil is designed for high-performance engines, prestige, and light commercial vehicles that are naturally or turbocharged.

Castrol’s exceptional properties ensure that every engine component, from the valvetrain to the bearings is fully lubricated. This allows for optimal engine performance and protection, even in modern engines which require lower viscosity, higher performance oils.

This oil offers the best protection for your engine parts and will help you car run at its peak performance. 

Castrol E-DGE is an advanced synthetic motor oil that has a proprietary formula that reduces volatility. It also provides superior protection for key engine parts, allowing your vehicle to operate at peak performance.

This oil is not perfect. However, it has received approvals from a few luxury car brands.

Consider these factors before you buy oil for your Volkswagen Passant


The most important thing when buying motor oil is to choose the right grade. 

This oil determines how efficient the oil is for your engine.

Oil that is thicker than its viscosity will be more dense. Thicker oil is obtained by lowering the viscosity.

 Thinner oils move faster than thicker oils so engineers designed engines to work with that particular oil. 

For the Volkswagen Passant, I would suggest a viscosity of around 0w-20; amongst our products,  Liqui Moly Special Tec Motor oil It is highly recommended.

Engines that are clean

There is always the possibility of fuel contamination with low-grade oil due to technological advances and the provision of better engines.

This causes deposits to form around the engine sump. This reduces engine performance.

This is why it is so important to prevent it. RAVENOL Motor Oil is our best choice.

Anti-knocking properties

Any fuel that can prevent detonation is considered to have anti-knocking characteristics. 

If detonation takes place, there may be serious internal damage such as cracked piston rings or melted spark plug electrodes. hammered rod bearings, and blown heads gaskets.

It is therefore essential to have fuel with good detonation prevention technology. 

Motul Engine Oil is the most anti-knocking product among all of our products.

Our choice for the best Volkswagen Passant motor oil

Liqui Moly Special Tec Motor oils are the best. With a viscosity level of 0w-20, it ensures maximum engine performance and unrivalled engine protection. Even though it’s quite costly, this motor oil will still be the best choice for your Volkswagen Passant.

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