What Oil Filter Does Jiffy Lube Use?

Although oil filters are an integral part of our vehicles’ engines, many drivers neglect to pay attention to them. There are many oil filter brands on the market. However, some brands outsource their oil filters. Jiffy Lube was created in 1979 and has been known for its excellent reputation as a maintenance or automotive service provider. 

If you’re curious about the oil filter Jiffy Lube uses, then you are correct. Let’s get started!

What oil filter does Jiffy Lube use?

Jiffy Lube makes use of most Pennzoil Oil Filters. Honeywell or Fram products quality Pennzoil oil filtersSo it can be stated that Jiffy Lube uses Honeywell-made Pennzoil oil filters. 


Jiffy Lube makes its oil filter?

Jiffy Lube is not the manufacturer of its oil filters. Jiffy Lube, a service and maintenance company, does not make any oil filters. Jiffy Lube uses Pennzoil oil filter that Honeywell or Fram makes.

Can You Choose Your Oil Filter At Jiffy Lube?

Jiffy Lube is a service and maintenance provider for cars, as we have already mentioned. They don’t offer many choices for different services. oil filters They do not use the Pennzoil oil filter. Yes, you can purchase an oil filter from outside and have it installed at Jiffy Lube.

You should not rely on Jiffy Lube to buy the oil filter.

Jiffy Lube Makes Its Oil?

Jiffy Lube’s oil is also outsourced, just like their oil filters. Jiffy Lube uses Shell Rotella Oil to top-up the oil in a customer’s vehicle.   

Jiffy Lube Service Includes Oil Filter Change

Jiffy Lube offers a variety of services including an oil change, fluids exterior and glass, brakes, and battery replacements. Jiffy Lube’s Signature Service Oil change includes an oil change up to 5 quarts in quality motor oil. It also includes an oil filter change at an additional charge.

This service also includes checking and filling Tire pressures, Transmission/transaxle fluid, Differential/transfer case fluid, Power steering fluid, etc. This video explains exactly what you should do to have your oil changed at Jiffy Lube.


Jiffy Lube How Much Does It Cost To Change An Oil Filter?

Jiffy Lube does not offer a specific oil filter service. Jiffy Lube offers a variety of oil filter change services. signature service oil change Includes both changing oil and filtering oil. If you can change the oil filter without touching the oil You may have a different question, which the store can answer for you.

Cost depends on many factors such as the oil you choose, the oil required by your car, and what oil filter you use. 

According to customer reviews, Jiffy charges more for oil filter changes than traditional mechanics. They charge much higher labor costs to perform a fast service and to make extra checks during oil change service.

Is Jiffy Lube Worth It? 

As I mentioned earlier, Jiffy Lube now charges more Unlike other mechanics, for oil and filter changes. It might be worth the extra cash if your vehicle needs to be inspected by a professional.

According to customer reviews, Jiffy Lube customers find it expensive to spend money and don’t like it.


Jiffy Lube is an auto maintenance and service company and does not manufacture oil filters. Jiffy Lube uses Pennzoil Oil filters from Fram/Honeywell.

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